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  1. The most beautiful dogs Which truly become a part of your family. Excellent breeding Wendy is a pleasure to deal with and you know the dogs are well looked after through her passion for labradors.

  2. Our boy Ranger is a gem of a pup! Temperament and a ‘great start to life’ were of extreme importance to us when choosing to add a lab to our family. Ranger is confident, cheeky, self assured, cheerful, perceptive and downright charming. And handsome! At the farm he’s strong and adventurous, at the beach he’s a social butterfly, at the office he’s friendly and busy and at home he’s just everyone’s darling…
    Wendy was a pleasure to deal with, informative, knowledgable and well researched. She clearly loves her labs and the breed in general, leading to her responsible and informed breeding practice.

  3. Wendy was very helpful throughout the whole process – gave us lots of updates and heaps of information. We couldn’t be happier with our Ellie – she has fitted in perfectly. She’s good with other dogs, loves people and children. Shes seems to be everyone’s favourite. Would highly recommend getting a pup from Wendy.

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