Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis is an inherited disease affecting the nose of Labrador Retrievers. Beginning around 6 to 12 months of age, affected dogs develop dry, rough, gray to brown crusts and really painful cracks on the tip of the nose. In some cases, lesions are also present on the haired area around the nose. The noses of affected dogs are prone to superficial bacterial infections and often become depigmented over time. Affected dogs are otherwise healthy. Symptoms often wax and wane in severity over the dog’s life. Though manageable, this disorder requires continuous topical therapy to prevent recurrence of excessive nasal crusting. DNA testing is available to try and eradicate this problem.

Both my girls DEE and SAO are clear Via DNA testing

  • A Clear dog to a Clear dog = Clear puppies
  • A Clear dog to a Carrier dog = ½ Clear and ½ Carrier puppies – Pups won’t be affected
  • A Clear dog to an Affected dog = All Carriers – Pups won’t be affected
  • A Carrier dog to a Carrier dog = ½ Carriers ¼ Clear and ¼ Affected (Shouldn’t breed)
  • A Carrier dog to an Affected dog = ½ Carrier and ½ Affected (Shouldn’t breed)
  • An Affected dog to an Affected dog = All Affected (Shouldn’t breed)

So the bottom line to all of this madness is to try to breed all clear puppies, and avoid breeding any affected puppies.

Dee and Sao are clear via parentage