CARBY – below – was born in 2001 He was my first registered lab and loved the farm and sheep work. Carby was my first Labrador a real boy and a beautiful decendent of Blackboy Kennels “Blackboy Major Mitchell”


KOSTA – below – was born in 2007 my second lab and lead me into becoming a registered breeder. She had 1 litter before getting a pyometra and needed to be spayed. Kosta is still on my home iPhone page today. She past away 2014

MABO – below – who was Kosta’s daughter was born 2010 but unfortunately passed away after a snake bite at the age of 2 a very special girl.



PEGGY –  she was born 26/11/2019 she was with me for 12 months and is now living with a lovely couple in Quindalup Busselton. Due to unforeseen issues and her longterm health  I decided not to breed with her.